Patina on Blackened Stainless Steel Alloy
Three shades of patina on blackened stainless steel alloy 304. Notice the light pitting and color irregularities which are more visible as the patina is lightened.
Forged Square Balusters
These 1” square balusters have been forged and then wire brushed. These are “As-Fabricated” and will rust if not protected further by rust, oil, or paints. Surface Texture from the forging hammer can be manipulated to achieve many effects.
Steel and Stainless Commercial Guardrails
Steel and Stainless Guardrails for Dallas Area Rapid Transit Station, Zoo Station. These railings are cut from A36 mild steel and coated with a sophisticated urethane system that allows for the removal of graffiti. Wiemann specializes in multi-stage coating systems.
Powder coated door hardware
A durable black powder coat finish is shown here on these braided door pulls.
Grand Entry Forged Iron Stair Railing
Forged Iron and Bronze Stair Railing, Tulsa, OK. In a traditional finish, the steel scrollwork is painted black and the brass is polished and lacquered.
Copper and Brass Decorative Metal Vent Hood
Decorative Vent Hood Cover. Patinated Copper and Patinated Brass trim. Yale University. Robert AM Stern Architects
Cast, Extruded, Machined, forged and Drawn brass and bronze are married in a dark brown patina finish which is left to weather without a wax or lacquer coating in central Texas. The abundance of limestone in the area contributes to the rapid appearance of green tones in the patina. Greg Wyatt Architect.
Cast Bronze Theatre Doors Details
Cast Bronze Doors Detail of Finish. These large doors were cast in bronze and wire brushed and polished to achieve the finish shown here. The relief is very low. They were coated with a clear lacquer giving them protection from oxidation. The sand casting process created pits and texture that add to the overall visual interest.
Forged Iron Scrolls As Fabricated
Forged Iron Scrolls with mill scale evident in "As Fabricated" Finish
Custom Bronze Bar Die Wall Panels
Custom Bronze Bar Die Wall Panels. Patinated brass panels with linear grain and polished brass buttons, all sealed for protection with a clear lacquer
Decorative Vent Hood Cover
Decorative Vent Hood Cover. Stainless and Patinated Brass. Yale University Masters House. Robert AM Stern Architects
Forged Iron Railing Monumental Stairs
Forged Iron Stair Railing, Aspen, CO with a textured steel surface from the forgework, the surface was blackened, buffed again and then clear coated to prevent rust.
Hot Rolled Steel Contrasting to Cold Rolled Steel
Cold rolled steel on the left and Hot Rolled Steel with Mill Scale on the Right. Mill scale is the dark blue grey surface present on hot roll materials. It will not take patina, it is a very tough oxide layer created during the manufacturing process at the steel mill. Cold Roll steel arrives without this layer and can be processed with patina after cleaning. Notice the presence of scratches on the cold roll material. These can be expected or your fabricator may have to add additional mechanical finishing to remove them.
Custom Cast and Forged Bronze Railing and Structural Column
Custom Cast and Forged Bronze Railing and Structural Column. This work has a dark brown patina finish that is left to oxidize without further maintenance. Greg Wyatt Architect. Wallace Engineering.
architectural metalwork and hardware
The buffed, patina and lacquer finish on these etched patterns in brass is very common in architectural metalwork and hardware.
Monumental Bronze Entry Door with Sidelights.
Massive Bronze Entry Door with Sidelites, Surround, and Hinged Grilles. Custom Insulated Glass.
Forged and Polished Stainless and Brass Fence Panel
Forged Bronze and Stainless Art Panels, Beverly Hills, CA. The brass is coated with a clear lacquer.
Patinated Copper and Patinated Brass Decorative Vent Hood Cover
Decorative Vent Hood Cover. Patinated Copper and Patinated Brass trim. Yale University. Robert AM Stern Architects


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